Roundup for removing clover

Clover is a small but fast-spreading weed, with delicate roots meaning it is very hard to eliminate by pulling up. The foam setting on the Roundup 1 Litre spray can stop this weed in its tracks by clinging to the weed and absorbing to the root without being spread around the surrounding flower bed or lawn.

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5 Litre Pump N Go Application

5 Litre Pump N Go Application

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Roundup Concentrate Preparation

Roundup Concentrate allows you to mix as much or as little of this potent pesticide as you need at any given time depending on your project. The concentrate comes with a specially designed dosage cap for mixing, and a detailed mixing guide is available. Simply mix the concentrate with water, fill your tank sprayer and start eliminating your unwanted weeds forever.

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The Science behind Roundup weed killer


Roundup is full of very smart stuff.

It was originally developed for use on a large scale in the agricultural industry.
And the exact same advanced technology that's used in the commercial sector is called upon to create Roundup for gardens, patios and driveways.
It incorporates a highly effective systemic action that has a dramatic effect on any weed but because Roundup is deactivated in the soil by micro organisms the soil is free to use as soon as the Roundup has dried.
Absorbed by the leaves, Roundup circulates down to the weed’s growing points. So, even though, outwardly, there might not be many signs that the weed is affected, apart from some yellowing of shoots and leaves, rest assured that Roundup is getting to work on the plant.
Put simply, Roundup is killing the plants from ‘inside out’.
Here’s how it works:
Roundup is sprayed on to the leaves of the weed
It’s absorbed through the leaves and enters the plant’s sap stream
Roundup is carried to the growing points of the weed’s roots and shoots
With Roundup Ready to Use products, the first effects become visible after 48 hours
Roundup kills the leaves, shoots and roots
Soil is left ready for replanting
Because it kills right down to the root, Roundup will eradicate almost all weeds, including deep-rooted perennials such as Horsetail, Bindweed and Nettles.

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