Roundup for removing clover

Clover is a small but fast-spreading weed, with delicate roots meaning it is very hard to eliminate by pulling up. The foam setting on the Roundup 1 Litre spray can stop this weed in its tracks by clinging to the weed and absorbing to the root without being spread around the surrounding flower bed or lawn.

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5 Litre Pump N Go Application

5 Litre Pump N Go Application

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Roundup Concentrate Preparation

Roundup Concentrate allows you to mix as much or as little of this potent pesticide as you need at any given time depending on your project. The concentrate comes with a specially designed dosage cap for mixing, and a detailed mixing guide is available. Simply mix the concentrate with water, fill your tank sprayer and start eliminating your unwanted weeds forever.

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Weed tips

  • Freshly cut tree and shrub stumps ; Cut the tree or shrub stem close to the ground in November to March, and thoroughly treat the cut surface of the stump as soon as possible after felling. Use a paint brush to apply the diluted Roundup® Tree Stump & Root Killer on to the cut stump.

Garden maintenance in December

  • Feed birds in cold weather and don’t allow ponds and birdbaths to freeze over
  • Prune tall bush roses to guard against wind rock
  • Repair lawns if weather allows
  • Shake snow off trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Tend to containers and hanging baskets to get the best of their winter display
  • Prune apple and pear trees to keep manageable and prevent disease and a poor quality crop
  • Protect pots from frost
  • Apply gravel around potted alpines to avoid water splash from rainwater
  • Redundant tree stakes can be removed, fill hole with a mixture of fertiliser and compost
  • Protect bay trees from the cold and bring undercover


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Weeding best practices

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Roundup Weedkiller FAQs


The print on the label is quite small, can I see a label on your website?

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Yes you can, and you can download, enlarge  and print it, it if you wish. Just click here.


Some weeds are irritants - is that true?

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Some weeds are a nuisance because they have thorns or prickles, some have chemicals that cause skin irritation and allergies or are hazardous if eaten, or have parts that come off and attach to fur or clothes. Examples of such weeds in Australia include Stinging Nettle, Wandering Trad, Black Nightshade, and Asthma Weed.

Why to choose Roundup Weedkiller


Use the strongest weed killer to get rid of tough garden weeds

Thanks to glyphosate, Roundup has an effective weed killing action!


Buy a cheap, but very strong weed killer for your garden maintenance

Roundup Garden products are available in all garden centers.


Use the strongest weed killer to get rid of tough garden weeds

Thanks to glyphosate, Roundup has an effective weed killing action!

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