Roundup for removing clover

Clover is a small but fast-spreading weed, with delicate roots meaning it is very hard to eliminate by pulling up. The foam setting on the Roundup 1 Litre spray can stop this weed in its tracks by clinging to the weed and absorbing to the root without being spread around the surrounding flower bed or lawn.

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5 Litre Pump N Go Application

5 Litre Pump N Go Application

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Roundup Concentrate Preparation

Roundup Concentrate allows you to mix as much or as little of this potent pesticide as you need at any given time depending on your project. The concentrate comes with a specially designed dosage cap for mixing, and a detailed mixing guide is available. Simply mix the concentrate with water, fill your tank sprayer and start eliminating your unwanted weeds forever.

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Creating your lawn

Before creating a lawn it is important to use a multi-purpose or large lawn grass herbicide.

  1. Scrape the soil a few centimetres deep to loosen it (but not too much, as this will bring the weed seeds close to the surface and could cause them to germinate). 3 to 4 centimetres is enough!
  2. Wait around 12 days for the weeds to grow.
  3. Treat the entire area with Roundup weedkiller for grass.
  4. Wait a few days for the weeds to die (at least one week), then prepare your seed plot and enjoy your new lawn!
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