Roundup for removing clover

Clover is a small but fast-spreading weed, with delicate roots meaning it is very hard to eliminate by pulling up. The foam setting on the Roundup 1 Litre spray can stop this weed in its tracks by clinging to the weed and absorbing to the root without being spread around the surrounding flower bed or lawn.

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5 Litre Pump N Go Application

5 Litre Pump N Go Application

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Roundup Concentrate Preparation

Roundup Concentrate allows you to mix as much or as little of this potent pesticide as you need at any given time depending on your project. The concentrate comes with a specially designed dosage cap for mixing, and a detailed mixing guide is available. Simply mix the concentrate with water, fill your tank sprayer and start eliminating your unwanted weeds forever.

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Roundup Weedkiller - The Versatile Herbicide



Weeds come in all shapes and sizes. And so does Roundup, the UK’s best selling weedkiller.
So, you’ll find you have a wide range of Roundup products to choose from, in order to find the just the right solution for your weed killing requirements.
For instance, your choice of Roundup might depend on the location you wish to treat.
If your weeds are on paths and pavements, we have a range of proven products to tackle the problem.
Roundup Ready to Use weed killing products, such as Pull & Spray and Pump ‘N Go, are perfect for dealing with those troublesome weeds that spring up between pavers.
Similarly, weeds can turn a driveway into a real eyesore. And, again, Roundup can provide a convenient and quick solution. Our Ready to Use products can be set to provide a narrow and concentrated stream that’s perfect for targeting the individual weeds that can grow between paving.
Last but not least, of course, Roundup is ideal for tackling weed problems in the garden. Whether it’s using our excellent value liquid concentrates to clear larger areas or our easy Ready to Use range to deal with isolated weed outbreaks in beds and borders, Roundup has the answer.
Simply put, the Roundup goal is to make the treatment and eradication of weeds as easy and convenient as possible.
For the gardener who needs a problem solving quickly and efficiently, without too much hassle, our ready-mixed, Ready to Use products are ideal.
While, for those with larger and more complex weeding requirements, or those simply looking to achieve outstanding value, our range of weed killer concentrates might make more sense.
And it doesn’t stop there. Roundup also has solutions for other unwanted vegetation in the garden. Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer, for instance, is ideal for stopping those troublesome tree saplings and stumps growing back. And Roundup XL Tough & Deep Root Weed Killer is perfect for those weeds that prove particularly difficult to eradicate, such as Lantana.

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